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  • 10 May
    Culinary Capitals of the World

    Check Out this Infographic 1. Paris, France Parisian food will overwhelm you with unparalleled quality and taste. 2. Istanbul, Turkey The combination of aromatic scents wafting out of the Spice Bazaar and the harmonic ambiance of the old streets of Sultanahmet make Istanbul an ideal place to indulge. 3. Melbourne, Australia The thriving dining scene attracts local, interstate, and international clientele to devour what its microcosmos of restaurants, markets, and cobblestones lane way cafes have to offer. 4. Marrakech, Morocco…

  • 15 Apr
    You Might be a Culinary School Student If…

    17 Tell Tale Signs 1. You roll your eyes whenever your “foodie” friends Instagram their latest concoction 2. Because yours are so much more creative 3. Butter is your #1 cooking staple 4. And no dish is complete without bacon 5. Vegetarian is a dirty word 6. Which has made you somewhat of a food snob 7. And like every other chef, you have a half-sleeve tattoo 8. You know it’s highly unlikely, but you still dream of having your…

  • 11 Apr
    What to Expect at Culinary School

    Importance of Culinary School Culinary school is a great way to begin getting the necessary knowledge and experience for a career in the food service industry. Starting any worthwhile career takes time, dedication, and proper training in order to climb the ladder of success, the culinary arts are no different. Becoming a sous or executive chef often starts as a minimum wage line cook. This is no reason to get discouraged, attending a proper culinary school will insure you receive…

  • 11 Apr
    Top Rated Culinary Schools

    Best Cooking Schools The multibillion-dollar food industry relies on many excellent cooks coming out of the top culinary schools. The food service education at these culinary arts schools and other colleges are there to teach these students about food preparation and the management behind it all. With going to the best schools, the students are able to find very rewarding and profitable careers that set them up for a good future. Texas Culinary Academy The first top school lies in…

  • 11 Apr
    Choosing the Right Culinary School

    Which School is for You? Choosing the right culinary school for you is an easy task when the path is straightforward. You need a guide in order to do that. This guide will help you get on that path so your career can get started today. That way, the only question left is where to work when you graduate. Here’s how you do it. Why a Degree? While you can work in the field without your culinary degree, you will…

Checklist for Finding the Best Culinary School

If you’ve decided to become a top chef, you may be interested in learning more about the proper steps to achieve your goal. There are few different schools of thought on how you can become a successful chef.

Some of the best chefs in the US have steadily risen through the ranks of the restaurant industry with nothing but grit, determination and on-the-job experience. Due to the huge popularity of the celebrated cooking shows like “Top Chef,” today there is heightened interest in a formal culinary arts education. More chefs than ever before can now boast of a culinary arts degree from top culinary schools.

So, where does all this leave you? To become one of the best chef, many restaurant managers and owners will tell that it requires a combination of a degree from a good culinary arts school and a hands-on real world experience.

What’s the best way to choose a culinary arts school?

If you want to pursue a culinary arts degree, you should consider number of important items. In order to find the best culinary schools in your area, you should first create a checklist and do some investigative work. Taking time to do some research to find the best school for you is the first crucial step to becoming a top chef.

Look for ACF Accreditation

Some of the best culinary schools and colleges in US are accredited by ACF (American Culinary Federation), so the first thing you should do is to narrow your search by looking for schools in your area that carry this important seal of approval. Among various other things, an ACF accreditation also guarantees that the school does not exceed certain student-faculty ratio, hires only certified faculty and abides by the curriculum and predetermined facility standards.

Search for Real World Experience

The best culinary schools offer a real food service experienced as a part of their extensive culinary arts curriculum. When researching on various culinary arts schools, shortlist the ones that offer you various student-operated restaurants. You should visit those facilities and talk to the students who are working there. Are they enjoying their work? What kinds of facilities are being offered to them? Do they feel the real life pressures of working in any quality restaurant? If answer to this question is yes, you’re on the right track in your culinary college search.

Find Affordable Culinary Schools

Despite what you’ve heard, a culinary arts education is not that expensive and you can easily afford it. There are many ACF-accredited culinary college programs that are very affordable. As you might get low salaries in the beginning of your culinary career, it’s important that you enter the workforce without a huge student loan debt.

Consider the Facility

When researching on best culinary schools and colleges, you should closely look at the actual program facilities. Many ACF-accredited culinary programs have been around since long and may be housed in older facilities. While their kitchens may not boast of shiniest and newest equipment, these schools have many other exciting features to consider. They also have a large group of alumni that will be happy to help you as you work your way to achieve all your career goals.