Washington Culinary Schools

There is 1 School in Washington for Cooking + Baking + Pastry Classes.

Le Cordon Bleu Address: 360 Corporate Drive, North Seattle, WA

At Le Cordon Bleu, students learn about how to make food, as well as the background behind the different dishes. They will be able to transfer the knowledge that they acquire from their school into the real world and become employed by various food industry establishments. For many students, their dreams is to be able to cook in the food industry and make a living doing it. They will be able to do this when they graduate from the Le…

Cooking Schools in WA

The great state of Washington is home of the famous Pike Place Market and that simply means home of great fresh fish. The unlimited amount of fresh fish is an upcoming chef’s diamond in the ruff, area to live. Local eateries that thrive on the fresh fish markets make this state a mecca for culinary schools.

Washington an agricultural state, also known for its apple, grapes, cherries, and peas lead the nation with these exports. The grapes are an important crop in Washington’s winery culture.

This region houses just the right climate for optimal growth. Hops, is yet another state crop that proves again what a special state this is, as it has the most progressive brewery output in the country.

The combination of crops and fresh fish, make this state a culinary student’s opportunities endless, as it brings food and beverages together. Washington is known for its nationally recognized culinary institutes and with the colleges offering culinary arts degrees, it is a top notch state for education.

It pays to scope out the programs that offer career guidance, job placement, internships, and apprenticeships. Setting yourself up with your long term goals is one of the best things you can do. In the upward of seventeen culinary colleges in the state of Washington you have many too choose from in various locations around the state.

Washington, is leading the nation with one of the highest states of employment of chefs and head cooks, as of 2013. The annual mean wage, for a chef and head chef, is in the range of $43,000 to $47,000. Pastry chefs, who normally run a separate kitchen can estimate to make in the annual wage of $50,000. If you are a higher achiever and want to get to the status of Executive Chef, you can project to make an impressive $100,000 or more. Most executive chefs go on to own their own restaurants, work in luxury hotels, and even famous resorts.

The great state of Washington, abundant in fresh crops and fresh fish has an impressive line of top culinary schools. Each designed to help any culinary student help achieve their dreams and aspirations.