Judy Harris Cooking School

A home cooked meal is truly a treat in our day and age. With the rise of fast food and microwave ready entrees, the art of cooking slowly seems to be fading away. There is nothing better than a great home cooked meal for your friends or family. When you are the one that is able to prepare this delicious food, you can make family dinners and parties a blast. You may feel as though you don’t have the skills to create these amazing meals however. When it comes to learning how to cook, look no further than Judy Harris Cooking School.

A quick into the Judy Harris Cooking School.


Judy Harris is a Certified Culinary Professional who focuses on bringing the best classes to students that is possible.

Judy’s classes have been featured in a wide array of different publications. Judy totally knows what she is doing!

She has over 30 year of culinary teaching experience!

Judy has had success at farmers markets with her bakery stand, and has cooked for two large restaurants in the past.

Different classes to choose from.

There is a wide selection of different classes to choose from depending upon the type of meal that you are looking to prepare. For example, in March an individual could learn how to make a great Italian dinner, or cook as if they were in a French Bistro. For a completely different feel as well, you could take part in the Thai class, where you would learn how to make curry and other delicacies from Thailand. In April and may the summer time meal classes really start to come out. There are choices between a beer lovers meal class, and a barbeque lovers meal class. These classes will surely get you ready to be on your way to some fun summer BBQ parties.

Classes are relatively inexpensive.

Learning how to cook on your own can be frustrating and very expensive. Ruining one meal can cost a lot of money, not to mention ruining a few in a row. These classes start at just $75 dollars, which makes the classes very accessible to pretty much any budget. This money is well spent, giving you the knowledge you will need to be able to prepare new dishes for your friends and family. These classes are taught in an up to date and new teaching kitchen, which will only add to your satisfaction of these amazing classes.