Culinard Cooking School

Culinard helps students immerse themselves in the culinary world from the very first day of class. The intensive course settings and hands-on learning style is what makes their 36 week program both fast and effective. The Culinary Institute of Virginia College helps students begin their career in the Culinary or Pastry Arts by offering at least ten campus locations throughout the Southeastern United States, from Richmond, Virginia to Jacksonville, Florida. World class chefs make the learning experience both entertaining and worthwhile.

Culinary Arts Diploma

Earning a diploma/certificate in the Culinary Arts ensures students a comprehensive learning program that includes the basics of food preparation techniques and food history. Students learn to prepare themselves and their food product using the utmost care and sanitization habits. Before completing the program, they must be able to demonstrate a mastery of the cooking process using a variety of equipment, cutlery, and other utensils. Aside from the professional etiquette and food preparation, students are also taught to evaluate the origin of a variety of ethnic cuisines and understand what foods pair well and complement each other.

Culinary Arts Statistics

  • 78% of students complete the program in 33 weeks
  • Tuition and fees total $15,754, which includes supplies and materials
  • Financing options are available; federal loans alone cover up to $9,500
  • 88% of students obtain jobs in their field upon graduation

Pastry Arts Diploma

Just as the culinary arts diploma covers fundamental, intermediate, and advanced topics, the 33 week Pastry Arts certificate program offers a diversified training curriculum. Students emerge well versed in both traditional and contemporary baking techniques including wedding cake disciplines, small plate desserts, and pastries. In addition to the hands-on baking experience with master pastry chefs, students are encouraged to experiment with developing their own unique styles. Students are taught the correct ways to measure sugars, chocolates, and other ingredients to ensure the best outcomes for new and existing recipes. They are required to learn the origins of various pastry and dessert cuisines as well as how they should be prepared and served.

Pastry Arts Statistics

  • 85% of students complete the program in 33 weeks
  • The tuition and fees total $15,754, which includes supplies and materials
  • Financing options are available; federal loans alone cover up to $9,317
  • 5% of students find jobs in their field upon graduation

Students who earn a Culinary or Pastry Arts Certificate from Culinard are prepared to enter the workforce with both practical and industry knowledge.

Other Locations

  • Alabama 436 Palisades Boulevard, Birmingham, AL
  • Alabama 3725 Airport Boulevard, Suite 165, Mobile, AL
  • Florida 2810 S Federal Highway, Fort Pierce, FL
  • Florida 5940 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL
  • Georgia 14045 Abercorn Street, Suite 1503, Savannah, GA
  • Louisiana 9501 Cortana Place, Baton Rouge, LA
  • North Carolina 3740 S Holden Road, Greensboro, NC
  • South Carolina 78 Global Drive, Suite 200, Greenville, SC
  • Tennessee 721 Eastgate Loop, Chattanooga, TN