Culinary Institute Le Notre

A journey into the exciting and diverse world of culinary excellence begins with enrollment at the Culinary Institute LeNotre. This culinary institution was created by Alain and Marie LeNotre. Their combined backgrounds include experience in pastries, training at a 3-Star Michelin Restaurant in Paris, and over 40 years in the culinary industry. Prior to creating LeNotre, Alain was key in founding Ecole Lenotre in Paris 30 years ago. The Culinary Institute LeNotre is dedicated to allowing each student to reach their full potential in academics and the culinary world. They aspire towards this goal through extensive, hands-on training and unique course designs. Students are given a high degree of personal attention thanks to the low student to teacher ratio as well.

Extraordinary Academic Approaches


Students face challenging culinary courses that are designed to give them the maximum amount of skills with minimal time invested.

The instructors working at the Culinary Institute LeNotre are internationally-experienced chefs who provide both innovative and classical training within the classroom. The reputation of this culinary institution is excellent all over the world. Students graduating from this culinary school are recognized as being equipped with world-class skills in the art of food preparation and pastry creation.

There are a huge number of resources that are open to students who graduate from LeNotre. The institution is a member of the World Association of Chefs, and the cutting-edge training and unique focus on the culinary arts gives all graduates an edge over the competition.

Time Well Spent

Potential students also have a considerable number of resources at their disposal when it comes to enrollment and tuition as well. LeNotre is an employee-owned college that gives out nearly $250,000 in scholarships on a yearly basis. The program is also designed to accommodate a busy schedule, allowing students to experience success in a small window of time. With a diploma program that is 85 percent hands-on training, students can earn their credits and receive a diploma in just 50 weeks. Those students aspiring towards a full degree can complete their journey in 80 weeks. Convenient scheduling and small class sizes combine to give students the very best chances for success.

The World is Your Classroom

Anyone enrolled at LeNotre also has access to unique educational opportunities that few culinary institutions can offer. Honor students who qualify can attend the school’s Europe for Associate Degree program that takes place in various locations that include France and Italy. These students work in world-class restaurants where they receive special, culinary certification that crown their resumes.

Tuition Rates

  • $17,450-$21,100 for Diploma programs.
  • $37,346-$37,629 for Degree programs.