Culinary arts campuses are popping up in large cities in Texas like Dallas, Austin and Houston. If you enjoy cooking, baking or managing a staff in a restaurant, maybe culinary arts is for you, but what is the career outlook for the future?

Traditional Texas food is delicious, but what other types of food will you learn to cook? What is the salary for a restaurant manager or a pastry chef?

Here are some answers that will help.

Culinary arts job outlook through 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, say that the growth rate for food service managers is 5%, while the growth rate for a serving supervisor and food prep specialist is 6%. The steepest competition can be found among top career levels- mainly head chefs and managers. They must have patience and good decision making skills. They must be able to work well under pressure on even the busiest day. Entry level positions are where the greatest job turnover is, although thee are still many jobs available.

A culinary arts student can earn an associates degree or a certificate in the field. There are specialty areas such as catering, baking pastries, food service management, or supervising the staff. The highest paid employees are the head chefs and restaurant managers.

Texas is known for its traditional Texas barbeque ribs, steak and smoked sausage, its famous chili, and Tex-Mex cuisine like fajitas and burritos, but a person who attends school in Texas will also become acquainted with preparing the many delicious Italian, French and Asian cuisines too. This person will also learn to prepare and menu and design it, hire and train the staff, order the food, and understand sanitation procedures.

Culinary arts schools in Texas offer not just classroom training, but students also get plenty of hands-on training too. They will practice their cooking skills in restaurants on campus. They are set up for the up and coming chef and all who assist him or her in a restaurant’s kitchen. You will train with professionals in the field, and possibly work as a apprentice for plenty of hands on experience.

The salaries, according to a 2014 survey taken by Salaries.com, are based on a national average. The medium income for cooking assistants- $25,660, line cooks- $22,372, sous chef- $44,520, executive chef- $69,336, head pastry chef- $60,480, restaurant manager- $48,533.