Tennessee is world famous for its Memphis style barbecue. The city takes great pride in what they claim is the best BBQ in the world.

Memphis style barbecue is prepared two ways, with either a dry rub or distinctively flavored barbecue sauce. Just about any meat can be used, but traditionally smoked pork is served as either ribs on a slab or pulled.

A combination of the highest quality of pork and a slow smoking process enhance the natural flavors.

Memphis is best known for its highly flavorful dry barbecue. The process includes coating ribs in a dry rub mixture of garlic, paprika, onions, cumin and other spices that are unique to each smoker. After a long smoking process the end result is fall-off-the -bone tender ribs that are then served with a side of sauce. This sauce has its own distinctive flavor with ingredients specific to each cook. Memphis sauce is usually made with vinegar, tomatoes and a mix of other spices. Its taste is tangy and somewhat sweet and it is served pored over pulled pork or alongside dry ribs.

Tennessee is also famous for its moon pies that originated in Chattanooga and the Tennessee stack cake. The Tennessee stack cake is one of several regional variations of what is also known as Apple stack cake. This traditional cake was an economically friendly version of the wedding cake. The bride’s family would spread Apple preserves, dried apples, ginger, sweet sorghum or apple butter between pancake-looking layers.

The state also has a number of local wineries, distilleries and microbreweries that supply spirits and beverages that add to Tennessee’s unique cuisine. Those looking to attend culinary school in Tennessee are likely to be greatly influenced by the state’s diverse tastes. Community supported farmers markets with artisan style foods and organic produce give aspiring chefs no limits to their culinary influences.

The University of Tennessee (UT) and Tennessee State University are great collages for culinary studies, as are Nashville State technical Institute and Rel Maples Institute of Culinary Arts at Walters State Community College. Programs include hotel, restaurant, tourism, hospitality services management and culinary arts.

With famous cities like Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee is a promising location for those who want to have a career in this industry, whether they are looking to be a sous chef or aspire to be an executive chef. Salaries range from $22,000 to $42,000.