South Carolina

A career in the culinary arts can be a rewarding one in many ways for those in South Carolina. This state is known for its southern cuisine including low country cuisine, which consists of regional favorites such as she crab soup and oyster roasts, and its delicious barbeque. South Carolina prides itself for its great food, which can be found in all types of restaurants from roadside diners to five star establishments. People with a passion for cooking and a flair for southern living could begin a great career at any of South Carolina’s culinary schools.

If the South Carolina coast appeals to you, there are many culinary schools that you may choose. The Technical College of Lowcountry, Harry-Georgetown Technical College, Trident Technical College and The Art Institute of Charleston are all near the coast and specialize in the culinary arts. In other parts of the state, there are four more colleges specializing in culinary arts. Spartanburg Community College, Denmark Technical College, Greenville Technical College and Bob Jones University are all accredited culinary schools for the aspiring chef.

Over the past five years, salaries for chefs in South Carolina have been increasing steadily. With this in mind, this is a great time to take advantage of education and training in the culinary field. This trend will certainly continue as time passes. There are quite a few jobs available in this field and the culinary field is quite competitive in relation to other professional industries in the state.

The number of culinary professionals in South Carolina is also on the rise. Eight years ago, there were only around 100 graduates of culinary schools but just five years later, the number of graduates has almost doubled. This is due to the increase of restaurants in the area as well as the desire of more people to get started in this fun and rewarding career.

The special history of South Carolina in combination with the of the foods that they have gained notoriety makes this state a great place to learn about Southern cuisine. Whether you want to specialize in barbeque, South Carolina style, or lowcountry cuisine, this state allows culinary enthusiasts to get an edge in the field. Many schools offer a culinary curriculum and they are scattered throughout the state. This means that wherever you may live within South Carolina, there is a culinary institution conveniently located near you.