JNA Institute of Culinary Arts

JNA Institute of Culinary Arts located in Philadelphia has been providing high quality training in the food service industry since 1988. Most of their students go on to have very successful careers across the country and around the world.

The JNA Institute encourages their graduates to come back and speak with new students and provide guidance. The institute has an operational learning restaurant which local Philadelphia residents frequent and praise.

Although the restaurant is run like any other professional restaurant the hours, menu and duties are somewhat altered to accommodate the students class schedule and learning experience. For example, the dining room opens for dinner at 4:30pm with the last seating at 8:00pm Tuesday through Fridays except on school holidays.

The small restaurant is well reviewed with patrons giving the students mostly excellent grades. The menus are varied and interesting. The prefix menus change seasonally and provide options that include a four course meal.

Of course, because it’s a training facility the prices for the meals are lower than other restaurants. The quality of the food is excellent as the students are applying their skills and are well supervised by experienced instructors. As well, the servers are on their best behavior and eager to please.

The length of their two programs are intensive and range from 30 to 60 weeks and from 910 to nearly 1700 hours of instruction. The JNA class schedule is very accommodating. Sessions begin at 7:30am and continue to 9:00pm, Monday through Friday. Additionally, an internship at an external restaurant can be completed for 160 hours of on-the-job training.

The JNA Institute of Culinary Arts has two culinary programs. They are their Food Service Training program and their Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program. They combine classroom instruction with hands-on training. Both programs prepare the students for employment at a wide array of food service companies.

The Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program is nearly double in length of the Food Service Training program as it includes many aspects of the business side of food service. The graduates of this program are ready for entry level positions in both the front and back of house management.

Ultimately, JNA Institute of Culinary Arts wants every one of their students to be as fully prepared as possible to meet the challenges of the highly competitive world that is the food service and hospitality industry.