International School of Baking

Since 1965 the International School of Baking has brought the world of baking to entrepreneurs, professional bakers and people just wanting to enhance or learn this art. The school’s director, Marda Stoliar, is a world renowned master baker and has an intensive and impressive history. She has taught and also been a consultant in such places as China, Macau and Hong Kong. Her extensive history includes teaching French cooking, pastries and bread baking to professional bakers and educators. Having the opportunity to learn under her tutelage is an impressive benefit. The school has produced many success stories with students continuing to work with her as they hone their craft.

The school, located in the heart of scenic central Oregon in the city of Bend, provides spectacular views of snow covered mountain tops. The city of Bend is a popular venue for many luxury resorts that offer a plethora of outdoor activity to suit the most discriminating tastes. Many students take advantage of the outdoor resources available to them while or after attending their culinary arts program. It truly is a beautiful city with a great background that compliments the culinary arts.

The costs for classes are comparable to the average costs of culinary art classes in the United States. The International School of Baking offers classes at the price of $600 per class per day. Each student receives one hundred percent hands-on, customized curriculum that fits their specific needs. The student will come away with valuable skills and knowledge which will assist them in reaching whatever their goal may be.

The International School of Baking is unique in that there is a maximum of two students per class. The classes are designed to fit the particular requirement of the student. These classes can range anywhere from two to twenty days depending on the need of the student. The courses range from the beginner non-professionals to classes for complete bakery start-ups. There is a full range of classes for the professional seeking more training for artisan breads or European pastries. The school will customize the coursework necessary to meet the needs of the student. The success of previous students makes this school one of the better bakery schools. This school truly offers an ‘a la cart’ system designed to fit the students needs. With the design of the classes, this school is able to cover in one month what most schools cover in three to five months.