Oregon is home to some of the finest seafood of the entire country. While the seafood found throughout Oregon is different than what might be found throughout the eastern coast, the colder waters off or Oregon provide for a wide range of food options and it is also one of the top culinary offerings in the entire country. Oregon is also one of the larger organic states in the country, where organic options are far more plentiful than others. Many of the top restaurants throughout the state feature organically grown produce.

This is possible because most of these restaurants are actually a bit smaller, which allows the restaurants to cater to a reduce number of patrons with the higher quality ingredients. If you are looking at starting or continuing your culinary career in Oregon, it is important for you to hold a culinary degree here.


The Pacific Northwest of Seafood

Most of the restaurants in Oregon feature fresh produce, seafood and deli selections. Because of this, a large number of the restaurants spread out throughout the state are actually locally owned and not part of a chain. This isn’t to say there aren’t chain options available, as there are, but the state, especially along the coast, enjoys the independent creations of local chiefs.

This makes it the perfect location for someone such as yourself to start up a restaurant, if you specialize in the local seafood and vegetation. Beer is also a big culinary ingredient in the state, as Oregon is one of the larger producers of craft beer in the country (in terms of quality and volume, it is right up there with California and Colorado as the top independent beer producers in the nation). So, if you are looking to make it in Oregon, you need to bring a fresh take on the available food options and also have skill with preparing it, as there are many other independent chiefs in the region.

However, it is possible to make a healthy living here. If you own and operate your own kitchen, it is possible to bring in well over six figures, although just starting off, you might struggle a bit, as the cost of living in the northwestern United States is higher than other regions (although it is far cheaper than California). Oregon truly has some incredible offerings!