International Culinary Arts Institute

The International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute trains students in traditional international and European culinary and pastry techniques combining classroom lectures with hands-on exercises and simulations of real-world working conditions.

The institute offers a Basic Techniques Certificate and an Advanced Techniques Diploma. Students may earn certificates and diplomas in either culinary arts or pastry arts.


Basic Techniques Program

Basic Techniques students specializing in pastry arts learn the skills necessary for professional baking. Students in the culinary arts program learn how to identify a wide range of products, how to select products for purchase, how to prepare these products for cooking, and how to properly cook and serve them. The Basic Techniques Program prepares students for entry-level food service positions.

The Advanced Techniques Program

Advanced Techniques students learn how to create more elaborate culinary and pastry creations and how to modify, adapt, and apply basic techniques as appropriate within professional situations. Students study selected products and cooking styles in detail. Students must show mastery of their skills, be able to creatively adapt techniques to real-world demands, and be able meet the standards of commercial restaurant quality food preparation.

In the classroom, students learn supervisory and management skills. Classes cover concerns such as sanitation, nutrition, and food service management.

Student Co-Chefs

After completing the training above, Advanced Technique Students, guided by ICASI chef-instructors, take on operations of either the ICASI Student Cafe or the ICASE Student Bake Shop. Students rotate through all the positions required by a professional kitchen. In the cafe, each student acts as the Student Co-Chef at least once. The Student Co-Chef designs a five-course luncheon menu that expresses his or her personal culinary vision, develops recipes, and manages the crew of fellow students.

Finally, Advanced Technique Students complete an internship at a high quality restaurant, bakery, or hotel or with an experienced personal chef or professional cater.

ICASI programs produce students fully prepared for real-world food-service positions and situations.


Admissions are open to high school graduates and GED holders 18-years old or older. To apply, fill out the application form and include a personal essay, two letters of recommendation, and an official copy of a high school or college transcript. Applications may be faxed, mailed, or presented in person. Applicants must complete an entrance exam that tests basic reading and math skills. Application is free. Tuition is paid quarterly and is billed before the start of each quarter.