Columbus Culinary Institute

The Columbus Culinary Institute is located in the beautiful city of Columbus, Ohio. Not only does the school have a rich history, being in business since 1911, but it is world renowned. The school helps students to not just learn to cook, but the art of cooking. This is done through the direction of professional chef instructors. They teach essential skills that will help to enhance the art and be helpful in job endeavors. Upon graduation, students are capable of entry-level jobs in the field. Plus, their placement department helps students find suitable work throughout the thriving metropolis the school is located in.

The Costs Involved


Bradford is a prestigious private college, and this is not inexpensive. The college offers two programs they offer to students. The first is a 12 month certificate program. The second is an 18 month degree program. The student has the option to live on campus or live off of campus. However, in state and out of state tuition rates will vary greatly. The average cost for tuition, plus books and supplies is around $16,000 per year, or $8,000 per semester. If a student chooses to live on campus, they will be charged $5,400 for their room and other expenses that total $1,728.

If a student lives on campus, it will cost them over $23,000. However, 80% of their students do receive financial assistance.

Course of Study

Bradford offers three programs, Graphic Design, Health Care and Culinary Arts. They are located near Easton on the North East side of Columbus. Full time students can expect to complete their studies within a short 10-18 month period. This is all dependent upon which program and options they select. As a post-secondary institution, they are helping to create a foundation for long term career options in some of the fastest growing careers in the country.


Accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, all diplomas and degrees are nationally recognized. Affiliated with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and recognized by the US Department of Education. Students here will have no problem transferring in or out credit hours.

In Conclusion

Bradford is a well-established institution in the Columbus area. They are known for their superior class room structure and innovative teaching methods. Though they have higher than average costs associated with their programs, but they have a name that is second to none in the culinary business.