Competition among chefs can be brutal, particularly for those rivaling for spots in the world’s poshest eateries. A top chef is known for their distinct qualities that set them apart from others. In the state of Ohio, there are many schools to choose from. Getting training to be a top chef isn’t a difficult task in the Buckeye state, there are many top ranked institutions that have received national accommodation. So where does one study in this thriving Midwestern state, here does are the best?

Bradford Culinary School

Located in Columbus, Ohio, this school is for those who are career-focused. Though the school offers classes in business, technology and health care, they are known for their outstanding culinary teaching. Various campus services allow students help with financial aid planning and placement services. Bradford School has residence facilities and due to their location, they are many amenities in close proximity. Being approved by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools is also helpful for degrees and diplomas.

The Art Institute of Ohio

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, The Art Institute of Ohio is one of the few schools that have world renowned chefs teaching their classes. Because of their affiliation with “The Food Network,” it allows them to engage in very competitive culinary arts and to venture into the elaborate world of over the top pastries. The school revamped their programs a few years back. This was to help the students to get world-class curriculum that would allow them the skills they need to be a professional. With a basis on the fundamentals on international cuisines and traditional French techniques, they provide ample know how for their students to become employable in this competitive market. Students can receive a degree in Baking and Pastry, Culinary Arts or Professional Cooking.

While there have been many schools that have come and gone, these two schools have been around for quite some time. Students who attend either school can have exciting employment opportunities in the major cities throughout the state, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo. Lots of jobs available and the teaching is top notch. With affiliations of such companies such as “The Food Network,” there is an unending plethora of opportunities for students. National recognition is just another reason to consider either school. With programs that are as concentrated as twenty months, this is one of the most affordable states for culinary schooling.