Natural Gourmet Institute

A popular career choice today is becoming a chef. In order to develop the skills necessary to be competitive, a person must have the best possible culinary training. The Natural Gourmet Institute offers anyone with a desire for a culinary career, the necessary tools to succeed. Their program is designed to help students reach their full potential in a career they will enjoy.

School Tuition and Fees


The number of people who are choosing to attend culinary schools has been on the increase. On a national level many culinary schools cost over $50,000 for their program. If someone wants to invest in getting a two-year associate’s degree, the cost of their education can be over $100,000. In many cases this does not include books or even a chef jacket. Those who attend National Gourmet Institute will be able to complete one of their programs for $27,000 or less. This tuition includes course materials, textbooks as well as two white chef jackets and chef hat.


Students who want to attend the National Gourmet Institute may qualify for a scholarship. In some culinary schools the number of students receiving financial aid in the form of grants, loans or scholarships is as much as 90 percent. The National Gourmet Institution has the James Beard Foundation. This organization offers two scholarship credits in the amount of $2,500. The culinary trust offers $5,000 credit scholarship. There is also a $5,000 military allowance scholarship for 15 students who served in the United States military.


Students at the National Gourmet Institute are able to use what they’ve learned with an internship. This is an opportunity to use skills that have been developed during course training. Under the supervision of a culinary professional, students get to experience the world of a professional working kitchen. Students will be able to provide feedback on the effectiveness of their training. Personalized attention is given to determine the best possible internship for each student.

Career Opportunities

Many culinary school graduates are able to obtain work in a variety of industries. Hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, food companies and more need chefs. The salaries of these different positions vary and depend upon industry, location and expertise. An executive chef can make up to $80,000 annually. A sous chef can make up to $40,000, and a pastry chef can make up to $45,000. The career services department of National Gourmet Institute is able to work with students to pursue the type of career they desire.