International Culinary Center

Classes are available during the day or in the evening hours. For the student returning to school that has to also work, having the flexibility to do day or night classes is very important. At International Culinary Center you will be taught to do everything from start to finish. You’ll learn basic skills such as how to hold a knife and use it properly. More advanced skills, such as managing profitability in a business environment will also be what you are learning. The day you graduate, which could be in as little as six months, you will be completely prepared for your new career.

Choose Your Campus Location


With two campuses, students may choose from the lifestyle of sunny California or the metropolitan New York City.

The Northern California campus is located in Campbell, California. Campbell has an average temperature of 57 degrees year round.

The population is only just over 40,000 so it may be more comfortable for those not familiar with big city living.

  • California 700 West Hamilton Avenue, Campbell, CA

New York Campus

The New York City campus is located in Lower Manhattan. The thriving NYC location is a constant hustle and bustle, suitable for those seeking life in the ‘city that never sleeps’ and may also offer more opportunity for immediate local employment upon graduation. New York is a vast landscape of restaurants that offer any style of cuisine in the entire world.

A New Bright Career

As long as people go out to eat, there will always be a future in culinary arts. Restaurant work is fast-paced and hard, but also can be extremely rewarding. This is a career that offers you the ability to be creative, artistic, work with people and to become a manager of people.

If you prefer working for someone else, the possibilities are endless. You could potentially work anywhere in the world, from five star restaurants in exotic locations to quaint little pubs in the heart of any thriving city in the world. Perhaps you purchase a small cafe in a small town and become a mogul of muffins? At any rate, the work has unlimited potential for the person who is enthusiastic to live their passion

Never Really Working

When you are doing something that you are honestly passionate about, you will never feel as if you are truly working. There is no greater reward than getting out of bed each day and looking forward to getting ready for work. Look into the classes today and change your life right now.