Center for Kosher Culinary Arts

With locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts is America’s top professional training program for aspiring kosher chefs. CKCA’s program includes fifty separate classes encompassing 200 hours of modernistic kosher culinary coursework.

Why Kosher?

Advance your culinary career by obtaining kosher chef certification at New York’s Center for Kosher Culinary Arts. Kosher food preparation is one of America’s fastest growing culinary occupations. As Jewish demographics continue to shift toward Orthodox observance and traditional lifestyle, the demand for kosher food options have increased dramatically.

Kosher Chef Numbers


Quality kosher chefs are always in demand. Recent government statistics indicate that average salaries for kosher chefs range between $31,000 and $59,000. In fact, most CKCA graduates are able to find employment shortly after graduation.

As a leader in kosher chef training, CKCA strives to maintain relationships with national food processors, quality kosher restaurants, caterers, and chefs to ensure a student’s smooth transition into the exciting world of the kosher culinary industry.

Restaurants and Beyond

As demand increases for trained kosher chefs, opportunities for CKCA graduates have grown nicely. All over America, Jewish nursing homes, day schools, synagogues and federations maintain kosher food services that require certified kosher chefs. Premier colleges continue to increase kosher offerings for religious faculty and students, while campus Hillels and Chabad houses also run kosher meal programs at smaller universities. Private companies and wealthy individuals routinely hire personal chefs for the dietary needs of their religious clients.

Industry Certification

The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts offers its students an eight-hour prep course in food safety and sanitation. This course prepares the student for the New York City Food Handler Certification examination and the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification examination.

Tuition at the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts

Becoming a kosher chef is very affordable. At CKCA, tuition for the 200-hour culinary arts program is approximately $6500, which includes all materials and fees.


CKCA offers live cooking shows and culinary competitions for company parties. Private lessons are available, too. CKCA has received wide press coverage across America and has been featured in the New York Times. CKCA even offers diverse, single-session programs, guaranteed to satisfy a customer’s culinary curiosity.

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