New York

New York is known for its fancy restaurants and impeccable dining experiences. It is no wonder that this state has some of the best culinary schools around. While the cost of schooling may be a bit higher, some say the price is worth the experience. When considering the top schools in New York, here are a few to consider.

1. Chef Toni’s Cooking Adventures

Chef Toni’s school is located in the heart of NYC close to the famous Lower Manhattan Valley. He is known for his bubbly personality and intense cooking methods. His ability to captivate his students is what gives him the high marks from those who have completed his program. Students have given this school rave reviews and state that it is an experience worth paying for. As a chef that works with four local eateries, he is widely known for his amazing dishes, and his students have the utmost respect for him.

2. Japanese Cooking Studio

For those who are looking for a diverse style of cooking, the Japanese Cooking Studio is the answer. Learning to cook oriental cuisines can be done in this charming school. Also located in the NYC area, this one is near Harlem. With varied school hours from 9 am till 9 pm, their hours of operation allow students to juggle a busy schedule around their other responsibilities.

3. Star Career Academy

The Culinary programs that the Star Career Academy offer brings students into four commercial kitchens. These kitchens are all equipped for mass cooking, baking decadent treats and massive food preparation. Since the school is linked to a dining room, which has seating for 70, students are thrown into real world situations from the beginning. The fact that students have real-time expectations and work under the guidance of a professional chef, gives them an altogether new experience.

4. Le Cordon Bleu Schools of North America

Le Cordon Bleu Schools have many branch locations all over the country. They are probably one of the most recognizable schools with the best reputations in the country. They offer intensive training and have many affiliations that allow their students to have intensive training. Master Chefs walk students through hands-on learning that gives students classroom learning that is in real life situations. As an accredited institution, they not only have associate degrees, but they accept financial aid and allow their students to take their credit hours on to other schools. Those who are passionate about being a culinary specialist, should check this school out!