The unique foods of Minnesota hale back to the early days of the state.

Immigrants coming to America seeking a better life brought with them their treasured heritage and cuisine. This resulted in a one of a kind cuisine found in Minnesota.

This cuisine is not always simple to prepare. As such, there are a number of culinary schools in Minnesota to train students in both the local cuisines as well as styles from around the globe.

The local cuisine tends to be of Scandinavian origin, as many of the immigrants relocated from this region. Making use of Minnesota’s vast natural resources, including the multitude of state lakes, these immigrants introduced the cultural favorite lutefisk. Lutefisk features a whitefish which is dried and salted. This fish has a distinct, pungent, odor and a gelatinous texture. This meal, unique to Minnesota, is typically enjoyed as part of a traditional Christmas celebration. This dish is incredibly complex to make, and often requires specialized training to prepare correctly.

In Saint Paul, we find the Cooks of Crocus Hill. A culinary school that embodies the Minnesota spirit of family and community. Cooks of Crocus Hill teaches students the ins and outs of their native Minnesota dishes, in addition to a broader spectrum of dishes. As they like to say, they teach everything from proper tea preparation and cake decoration to sides of beef and local favorites.

This is just one of many culinary schools in the region. Nearly every style and art of cooking can be found in Minnesota. Ranging from the proper preparation of sushi to smoked meats and Parisian dining. The state truly represents all facets of cuisine from around the world.

In addition to training, there is a burgeoning career field for chefs to transition into upon completion of their training. There are currently hundreds of jobs seeking trained and qualified chefs. Regardless of level of experience, it should not be difficult to find a position. There is currently a shortage of executive chefs in the region, resulting in a higher than average number of job offers for the people with the right training and experience.

Minnesota is home to one of the most unique styles of cuisine in the United States. This, in conjunction with the impressive number of culinary schools in the state, makes it a fascinating visit for those who are passionate about food.