L’Academie de Cuisine

L’Academie de Cuisine is known as one of the top professional schools for Culinary and Pastry Arts in America. L’Academie de Cuisine, or LADC, was created in 1976 Francois Dionot. Francois was trained classically in every aspect of the French styled cuisine. He was at the height of his career when he decided to work at L’Ecole Hoteliere de Lausannel which is located in Switzerland. It was here that he learned how to work in any kitchen located in Europe, and even the United States.


School History

In the mid 70s, Francois moved to Washington DC. He realized that there were not enough schools that offered quality instruction for emerging cooks. He used this to begin planning his school. Francois believed that classic techniques, combined with interactive, and hands on technique, was what needed to be taught to students. L’Academie de Cuisins is committed to giving students this experience in order to help them become the most successful cook that they can be.

Degree Programs

This school gives students the skills that they will need to have a successful career within the culinary or pastry field. Students focus on discipline themselves through self-evaluation. The skills of self independence and discipline are those that are needed to move forward in this field. Small class sized taught by experts in the field are offered to every student. Each instructor has a large amount of experience as well as an enthusiasm for creating food! Students get the individual attention and care that they need to excel. Each student receives personal guidance on their wants for the future, and the paths that they need to take. Students are encouraged based on their strengths within the program and their abilities in the field. Students are also assisted with their financial needs. Students are helped through what may be a complicated process of receiving financial aids and loans.

Better Culinary School

One of this school’s main goals is to better the quality of the school. Each graduate of the school is said to be of the highest quality, as well as able to respond to the needs of the field. The graduates of the program are ready to be employed as soon as they graduate. They are trained to perform any duties that may need to be done in kitchens. Ninety percent of those that graduate from the LADC program find work within some of the best kitchens in the city of Washington DC, as well as places across the country.

Tuition Rates

  • $30,500 (Culinary Arts Program)
  • $26,500 (Pastry Arts Program)