French Pastry School

Those looking for a premier French Pastry School should look no further than the Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago. Through hands on classroom learning, this school instructs over one thousand students every year. Known for superb instruction and superior equipment, many great chefs have been trained here. Students get the rare opportunity to gain skills into the art of pastry and do so in an intimate style setting. Being mentored by leaders in the field is another perk to attending this school.

The Programs They Offer


The programs offered are divided into three categories. L’Art de la Pâtisserie is a pastry program that will give 24 weeks of intensive training. On a full-time basis, this program is for those who are serious about baking. The L’Art du Gâteau class is for those who are interested in cake decorating. This 16 week class will teach the ins and outs of making the designer cakes that everyone wants these days. The final program is the L’Art de la Boulangerie. With a focus on bread making, the artisanal course is 3-5 classes that last an entire day, year round, taken by professionals and food enthusiasts.

Who Has Studied Here?

With superior instruction, it is no wonder that this school has spawned some of the great chefs. The school was founded by Chefs Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sébastien Canonne and the award winning school gets much recognition. The 2011 Nation Pastry Champion winner, Kristen Ryan, was trained at this institution. Nicholas Lodge and Mark Seaman, Master Cake Artists, also received their training here. En-Ming Hsu and Dimitri Fayard, known as World Pastry Champions, also trained under the direction of this fine facility. With so many students being nationally and world renowned from this school, surely what they are teaching is impacting these individuals to excel.

The Costs

Like any personal school, there are costs associated and financial aid is accepted. The average cost per class is $300 per credit hour. There are some variations on whether a person lives in the general area, out of district, or out of state. These are all things that will increase or decrease the tuition rate. There are also book costs and supplies that will be needed for hands on learning. All classes require pre-registration and classes fill up quickly. The cost is not as expensive as one might think, the training and reputation of this college far exceeds the nominal fees involved.