Maui Culinary Academy


MCA was first established in 1969 in Kahului, Hawaii. The academy is a small school that boasts a student to teacher ratio of 15 to 1.

Smaller class sizes yield more time for teacher student interactions than what can be found in larger academy and universities. MCA has three specialty areas to choose from: Culinary Arts, Baking, and Restaurant Supervision.

They are open January through May and September through December.

Available Programs: Degrees and Certificates

Certification Available:

  • Certificate of Competence (CO) for Culinary Arts
  • Cerificate of Competence (CO) for Baking
  • Certification of Completion (CC) for Pastry Cook
  • Certification of Achievement (CA) for Culinary Arts

Associate Applied Science Degrees Available:

  • Culinary Art
  • Baking
  • Restaurant Supervision

Tuition: Can You Afford It?

MCA proudly offers affordable tuition for their students. Annual tuition prices below may vary.

  • In-state: 47.50/cr
  • Out-of-state: $246.50/cr
  • 2-bedroom lodging: $997/sem

The Food Court: Something For Everyone

A list and brief description of eateries available.

  • Edo Ya Ramen: New and old recipe ramen
  • Around The World: Exotic flavors from across the globe
  • Paniolo Grill: Grill menu items
  • Raw Fish Camp: Sushi
  • Campus Cafe: Grill menu items
  • Sugar Cubed Cafe and Cakery: Confections and pastries

Meals: Purchasing Your Meal Plan

The Campus Dining Service offers meal plans for all students. Money is directly loaded to your own personal meal card. When you add $50.00 or more to your card, you will receive a five percent discount on the first five meals you purchase after loading your card. The Dining Service is also proud to say that they can accommodate any and all special dietary requirements.

Save Our Planet: MCA Has Gone Green

MCA understands how important being eco-friendly is. Here are some of the steps they take to be green.

  • Use of local ingredients
  • Reusable Cup Discount: Bring your own reusable coffee cup to save .15 cents
  • Recycling used fry grease to be recycled as bio-diesel
  • Dishwashers that use less water and energy
  • 100% Recycled paper napkins

Maui Culinary Academy, a school full of good food, great teachers, and the best students.