Georgia Culinary Schools

There are 3 Schools in Georgia for Cooking + Baking + Pastry Classes.

Ursula’s Cooking School Address: 1764 Cheshire Bridge Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Many people love to cook, and they wish that they could go into the field. They will be able to when they get the education and training that they need to enter the food industry field. Getting Admitted To The Ursula’s People may be wondering how they get admitted to the Ursula’s Cooking School. They will need to look up the requirements that the Ursula’s Cooking School puts out. People can find this on the Internet when they do a…

Culinard Cooking School Address: 14045 Abercorn Street, Suite 1503, Savannah, GA

Culinard helps students immerse themselves in the culinary world from the very first day of class. The intensive course settings and hands-on learning style is what makes their 36 week program both fast and effective. The Culinary Institute of Virginia College helps students begin their career in the Culinary or Pastry Arts by offering at least ten campus locations throughout the Southeastern United States, from Richmond, Virginia to Jacksonville, Florida. World class chefs make the learning experience both entertaining and…

Le Cordon Bleu Address: 1927 Lakeside Parkway, Tucker, GA

At Le Cordon Bleu, students learn about how to make food, as well as the background behind the different dishes. They will be able to transfer the knowledge that they acquire from their school into the real world and become employed by various food industry establishments. For many students, their dreams is to be able to cook in the food industry and make a living doing it. They will be able to do this when they graduate from the Le…

Cooking Schools in GA

Georgia, like many of its neighboring states, specializes in comfort food. Comfort food is the kind of warm and filling food you’d come to expect your mother to make you while growing up. In Georgia, this includes macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, collard greens, and other similar food offerings. For individuals looking to either grow their current culinary experience or to begin their careers in the kitchen, there are a few different options available in Georgia. It ultimately just depends on what you are looking to accomplish and what sort of food you are looking to prepare.

Georgia is really broken down into different sections in terms of the food preparation and options available. There basically is Savannah, Atlanta, and then the rest of the state. The entire state is home of comfort food and it is the cuisine of choice throughout the majority of the state. However, Savannah and Atlanta do offer a few different options as well. Savannah has its share of comfort food, including the headquarters of Paula Dean’s Lady and Son’s restaurant, as well as the local favorite Mrs. Wilkes. Other comfort food based restaurants are available in Savannah as well, but as it is a port town and a heavy tourist destination, there are other options as well.

Most are focused on either traditional American cuisine, while there are large samplings of seafood as well. Atlanta, lastly, is more of an open book when it comes to food offerings. The metro Atlanta area is one of the fastest growing regions in the entire country, and many of these new transplants are from the northern Untied States. Due to this, there are all sorts of different food selections here. For someone who truly wants to grow and expand their culinary experience in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is you need to be.

The Culinard School, Escoffier Culinary School and Le Cordon Bleu are located inside of Atlanta for a reason. This is the major business hub in the southeast, so it caters for all tastes and walks of life. It also is essential to hold a culinary degree in Atlanta in order to open and thrive in the restaurant business. In Savannah, the majority of workers are in the hospitality business already, so while having a culinary degree is going to help expedite the process of rising up the career ladder, it is not completely necessary. After all, Paula Dean, the queen of comfort food, never attended any sort of college, culinary school or higher level of education.