The state of Florida is one of the most partitioned states in the entire country when it comes to the style of food and the kinds of cuisine you are going to find here. From the Panhandle to the Keys, Tampa Bay to Miami Beach, there are all sorts of different styles that are seemingly completely different from one another. If you are looking to take up a culinary career in the state of Florida, you really need to know what area of the state you desire to move to and have a strong honing if your particular style and influence, as there are some truly incredibly styles inside of the state.

While Florida is technically a southern state, there are so many juxtapositions here that it is possible to find all sorts of different food styles. Southern states offer comfort foods, such as macaroni and cheese, grits, fried chicken and others that make you want to just sit back and relax after you eat. That is found in Florida, but it is primary inside of the panhandle. Due to the large number of northern transplants, located everywhere form Jacksonville all the way down to Tampa Bay and further south, northern style food is available, not to mention a large offering of seafood.


Then, there is Miami, and with the large influence of Caribbean immigrants, the Latin and Caribbean foods here are truly amazing. There really are so many different cuisine selections that it is possible to choose where you might want to start your career and how you might want to grow your skills.

There are at least two culinary schools throughout the state of Florida, including the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, just to name a one. All of these are going to help train and mold you, but you can gain additional insights throughout the different regions of the state as well. If you are interested in learning Caribbean and Latin spices, working in one of the restaurants found in Little Havana in Miami might not be a glorious work environment, but you are going to grow your knowledge exponentially. Miami is also the culinary headquarters of the entire state, as it is possible to make it as a high-profile chief here, bringing in well over six figures. It all is about your approach and your style of food.