Paragon Culinary School

Located in Colorado Springs, CO, the Paragon Culinary School is an institution of higher learning whose emphasis is on developing elite chefs with extraordinary culinary skills. The instructors working at Paragon are drawn from masters around the globe. Considered together, the instructors here possess over 150 years of combined experience. Their skills are concentrated in various dimensions of the culinary world, providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for excellence in the competitive world of cooking. On staff are world-record holders in various disciplines, executive wine sommeliers, pastry chefs, master chefs, and many more experts in their respective fields. Every course offered by Paragon is designed to enrich and enliven the passion for taste and food preparation for students of all backgrounds.

Rewards From the Very Beginning


This private institution prepares students for a transition into a thriving career in the culinary industry. Additionally, students currently working in the culinary field can receive as much as 10 percent off of their total enrollment fees. Paragon maintains a healthy presence on Facebook, encouraging prospective students to contact them in order to start exploring the possibilities for the future. Visits to the campus residing along 505 Popes Bluff Trail can be scheduled in advance. Paragon maintains an excellent reputation throughout the country.

A Total Investment

While Paragon does not offer individual classes, students can enroll in their nine-trimester course of study for under $35,000. No previous training is required for students, and classes meet Monday through Thursday at varying times. Paragon also offers scholarships to new and existing students. These financial-aid programs designed to help students get ahead include ProStart, FCCLA, and the Early Colleges and Explorers program. It is common for students to be employed while attending Paragon. In order to accommodate an active schedule, Paragon offers students flexible schedules and support when they need it. Anyone who is interested in further exploring the doors that this culinary institution is opening can begin by contacting them at

Beyond the Classroom

While in attendance, students create a comprehensive portfolio of all of their work and accomplishments. This documentation serves to benefit them upon graduation. The school also has many programs in place that allow them to move students directly from the classroom into the kitchen. Paragon also has many on-campus opportunities for students that are led by Alumni of the institution.