Colorado Culinary Academy

You can begin your dream to be a world class chef at the Colorado Culinary Academy in lovely Denver, Colorado. With the towering Rocky Mountains as a back drop you will spend three months acquiring the skills and knowledge you will use for the rest of your culinary career. Colorado Culinary Academy prepares you in a jam packed, action filled environment that will have you out of class and in your passion in no time at all.

Focus on Cooking

The academy’s focus is all about food, food preparation skills, and training you to be able to open your own restaurant or find a high paying job in this exciting fast paced industry. No need to study English, Math, or a liberal arts curriculum or spend extra money on tuition and living expenses to attend those classes. The Colorado Culinary Academy will not run up your student loan balance with unnecessary classes.


Faculty and Staff

The staff at the academy are all experienced food lovers who have served in many different fields of professional food environments.

From the Stratford Hilton in Stratford-upon-Avon, England to the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City and everywhere in between, the staff brings their love of cooking to the table everyday. There is also a Level-One sommelier wine expert to guide you if your passion is fine wines.

Associations and Accreditation

The Colorado Culinary Academy is certified by the State of Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools, as well as, members of the James Beard Foundation, American Culinary Federation, and the local Colorado restaurant Association. It is not uncommon for culinary students to obtain job offers while still in school and the academy works with area restaurants and ski lodges to make the transition to a real world job easy.

Three Month Program

The three month program is intense and will require a high level of dedication to complete. The classes start every day at 8am and finish at 3pm. Each student will prepare every dish on the menu each day making sure you have knowledge in every aspect of food preparation. The training is intense and the rewards are exhilarating.

Final Thoughts About CCA

The number one requirement of restaurants when they look for qualified applicants is superior knife skills and that is just one of many courses that will be covered. You will learn to grill, poach, pressure cook and many more cooking methods. Menu development and Culinary Math or Yield Cost Analysis are also included.

The Colorado Culinary Academy mission is to offer superior, in-depth, hands-on training at an affordable price. The school offers financial assistance and works diligently to make sure everyone who wants to attend the school can. They are also qualified to train veterans and their qualified dependents under the GI Bill.