Colorado prides itself on dishes such as Colorado lamb and Rocky Mountain oysters. Colorado lamb dishes are one of the most popular dishes available by restaurants in Colorado. They use only the finest cuts of lamb in many of their dishes, and are prepared in a variety of ways. There are a growing number of tourists that are planting their roots in Colorado, and are moving there. This is causing for a surge in residency in Colorado which is translating into more restaurants and other eateries that are opening up to provide meals.

Salary for Chefs in Colorado

Many of the chefs at these new restaurants are earning competitive wages, and some are even receiving great benefits such as medical, dental, and optical insurance as well as 401k, pension, and college reimbursement plans. It is for this reason that a person that is interested in the culinary arts should seriously consider embarking in a career at a Colorado eating establishment after graduating from a culinary school. Not only are chefs finding out that they can earn a lot of money, but there is also a lot of money to be made as a line cook, prep cook, and even pastry maker. The more diverse of a culinary education that a person has the more marketable they are in Colorado.

Colorado Resorts and Restaurants

There are many little resort towns in Colorado that pay quite handsomely for the right person with the right set of culinary skills. Many of these resort positions are long term and offer a recent graduate the experience of working in a new, and exciting, place where they can not only prepare some of the finest dishes using the highest quality of ingredients, but they can also meet a diverse collection of patrons, and build friendships that last a lifetime. Many of the resorts that a person can get a job at very often promote from within. This translates to a greater chance a recent graduate will have at moving up in a resort company from a lower position all the way up to head chef.

With all of these reasons there is no wonder why a growing number of people are calling Colorado their home after graduating from a culinary school so that they can start in an exciting, and competitive, career in one of the most beautiful, and majestic states in all of the United States.