San Diego Culinary Institute

Known as the jewel of the hills, La Mesa, CA is home to the San Diego Culinary Institute. As a community of roughly 56,000 permanent residents, La Mesa offers plenty of sunshine and year-round warm temperatures that will allow anyone the perfect opportunity to get out and indulge in the many fine dining and entertainment establishments as well as golf and other outdoor pursuits. With its close proximity to San Diego and its world class attractions, you can have the best of both worlds as a student.


Cost of Tuition

San Diego Culinary Institute prides itself on being one of the most affordable top-tiered culinary schools in the country. Depending on the direction of your studies, either cuisine ($23,556) or pastry ($22,482), you can expect no more angst over having to take that Calculus I or British Literature class as the curriculum focuses solely on those classes that will move you forward to becoming an Executive Chef or a Pastry Chef in as little as eight months.


Whether you desire to become an Executive Chef or a Pastry Chef, San Diego Culinary Institute has crafted an educational strategy they call the Commis Method that immerses students immediately in the knowledge and skills needed to make a living in their chosen profession.

The Commis Method:

As part of its educational strategy, the San Diego Culinary Institute has developed the Commis Method which presents courses in a three-part sequential order that allows for information to build logically from one course to the next.

1. The core building blocks of this method begins with a lecture series that provides an overview to the profession, to flavor profiles, hygiene, safety, and business, which will help them understand all aspects of managing a restaurant.

2. After learning about the foundations of the program, courses focus on learning foundational techniques in the classroom, which they then will apply to hands-on training in the classroom kitchens, where students will spend 80% of their classroom time working with instructors who are Executive Chefs. Knowledge of techniques will allow students to execute virtually any recipe.

3. Finally, students will gain 220 hours of real-world experience through an externship that will provide them the opportunity to practice their skills in a professional kitchen under the direction of an experienced executive Chef.

Student Success Rates:

San Diego Culinary Institute graduates speak to the success of the program in the number of career placements, awards and recognition, and career achievements that they have earned, both nationally and internationally in cooking competitions.