New School of Cooking

The New School of Cooking is one of the top boutique culinary schools in Los Angeles, CA. There are a variety of programs that are suited to fit each student’s needs that attend the school. The New School of Cooking offers an Advanced Professional Program. The Advanced Professional Program is packed with intense courses in the art of cooking and baking. These classes take place in the brand new facility of the school. The class sizes are small, so each student will receive a large amount of attention, as well as interactive instruction.


Part Time Programs

The school offers a part time program for those who are unable to participate in the full-time program. These classes are known as the Pro Series courses for cooking and baking. The classes meet once a week, and students will still receive the quality training that students receive in the full time program.

There are recreational classes that are offered for those who love to cook, and are not ready to enter formal career training.

These classes teach classic and ethnic styles of cooking. There are also other skills that are taught such as pastries, wines, skills with knifes, and other cooking styles. If you are looking for the perfect present, the school also has gift certificates that can be given for classes.

Student Sentiment

Past students of these programs have very positive comments about their experiences with the school. They feel that all of the instructors are very diversified in their skills, and the cooking styles that they have taught. Students have also been impressed by how professional the instructors were while holding the courses. Even though the instructors are very professional, students feel very comfortable when asking for assistance inside, and outside, of class. The professors care about each and every student in the program, and do what they can to help them succeed in the school. Students feel that they receive more than enough support from the faculty. The facility of the school is also something that the students love. The price of the school is more than reasonable, especially for the exceptional training that is given.

Students also feel that the education that they receive is very well rounded. This will enable them to go out into the field after they graduate and be able to land a job easier. Because of the hands on approach to learning with the program, students will receive a lot of hands on experiences.