Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America has several locations based mainly in the United States of American but also has a branch in Singapore! Their main campus is located in Hyde Park, NY and offers students many opportunities to socialize in their many student groups. While of course your main interest is going to be food, if you need to break away from the kitchen and food for a while(why you would want to is a question I don’t know!) they offer several other ways for you to still socialize while outside the kitchen. Some of the other activities they offer is their sports. Some of the sports they offer are intercollegiate soccer, basketball, cross country, tennis, and volleyball. Their New York campus they bill as the more “traditional college experience”


California Campus

Their California campus is located in St. Helena, CA and offers much of the same courses and experiences as their New York campus. It is located in Napa Valley so of course, as you might have guessed wine will be a big part of your experience and play into a lot of your cuisine. Is you are a wind connoisseur then this might be the campus to consider as it’s its the so called “wine country” which produces some of the best wines in the United States.

Texas Campus

Their Texas campus is located in the heart of San Antonio, TX. Like their California campus, the Texas campus in San Antonio offers the same great experience and classes as their main campus in New York, but with a mid western twist on things. The Culinary Institute of America’s San Antonia kitchens are state of the art facilities and and offer real life experiences creating the idea learning environment and preparing you for life in the fast lane that is culinary arts.

Singapore Campus

Their Singapore program is only for diploma holding graduates of from one the five Singapore based polytechnic institutions. However if you happen to be one of those graduates the Singapore branch offers you a great way to finish off your culinary education and offer you additional experiences rounding off your education.

No matter what you choice is on where to attend the CIA, you are going to have a great time learning about your passion and get on the right tracks to pursue your passion of food and cooking. They offer a wide range of classes that will fit any of your culinary education needs.

Tuition Rates

  • $32,242 (2 semesters for Accelerated Culinary Arts)
  • $32,557 (2 semesters for Associate Degree Programs)

Other Locations

  • 1946 Campus Drive, Hyde Park, NY
  • 312 Pearl Parkway, Building 3, San Antonio, TX