Chef’s Eric Culinary Classroom

Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom is an experience where you get to create art with the food you prepare. You don’t learn only about cooking. Skills are taught so that you can prepare meals with love for family and friends as well as those used in a career. Eric is a professional chef who will teach you the technical aspects of cooking during a hands-on environment.

The kitchen is professionally designed, and students have access to some of the latest equipment that they might see in top of the line restaurants. Recreational classes are offered as well as several programs with a professional basis.

About Chef Eric


While teaching, Eric brings skills into the classroom that he learned while in school. He attended the Culinary Institute of America, and he uses that education in training students to bake and cook. Classes are taught in an environment that has patience and understanding. Chef Eric doesn’t rush his students. He has a warmth in the classroom that makes students want to learn instead of giving up if something doesn’t go as planned. Advanced classes are taught from the techniques that Eric learned while in Europe.

Offered Culinary Programs

There are a few different programs offered by Chef Eric. One is an 18-week course. This is a Culinary Master Chef Program that gives a little more detail than a basic cooking class. There is also a 10-week baking and pastry course. Essential and advanced techniques are used in both programs. Upon completion of the programs, students can explore their careers in cooking and baking.

There are also classes for those who don’t want to have a career in cooking but want to improve their skills in the kitchen. Some of the classes include couples cooking, healthy cooking, cupcake baking and a host of other classes that will give you details about how to prepare a variety of meals in the home.

There are new classes being added to the schedule all the time per the request of students and those who want to learn from Chef Eric. A vegetarian series has been created for those who want to learn how to cook healthy. Some businesses attend the classes for team building courses. Summer programs are offered for children.

Private events are offered, and there are short courses that only last four weeks. A payment plan is available for those who register for the classes. However, spots fill quickly, so it is best to apply as soon as possible.