Culinary Capitals of the World

Check Out this Infographic 1. Paris, France Parisian food will overwhelm you with unparalleled quality and taste. 2. Istanbul, Turkey The combination of aromatic scents wafting out of the Spice Bazaar and the harmonic ambiance of the old streets of Sultanahmet make Istanbul an ideal place to indulge. 3. Melbourne, Australia The thriving dining sceneRead More

You Might be a Culinary School Student If…

17 Tell Tale Signs 1. You roll your eyes whenever your “foodie” friends Instagram their latest concoction 2. Because yours are so much more creative 3. Butter is your #1 cooking staple 4. And no dish is complete without bacon 5. Vegetarian is a dirty word 6. Which has made you somewhat of a foodRead More

What to Expect at Culinary School

Importance of Culinary School Culinary school is a great way to begin getting the necessary knowledge and experience for a career in the food service industry. Starting any worthwhile career takes time, dedication, and proper training in order to climb the ladder of success, the culinary arts are no different. Becoming a sous or executiveRead More

Top Rated Culinary Schools

Best Cooking Schools The multibillion-dollar food industry relies on many excellent cooks coming out of the top culinary schools. The food service education at these culinary arts schools and other colleges are there to teach these students about food preparation and the management behind it all. With going to the best schools, the students areRead More

Choosing the Right Culinary School

Which School is for You? Choosing the right culinary school for you is an easy task when the path is straightforward. You need a guide in order to do that. This guide will help you get on that path so your career can get started today. That way, the only question left is where toRead More

Culinary School Myths Debunked

Separating Fact and Fiction Being a chef has become one of the most publicized careers today, and consequently, culinary schools have become extremely popular. Unfortunately, there are quite a few myths about schools and what they can and cannot do for individuals who aspire to become chefs. Here are some of the most widely believedRead More

Best Paying Culinary Jobs

Who’s Making the BIG Dough? There is a constant need worldwide for qualified workers to fill various types of culinary jobs. Some types of culinary jobs command higher salaries than others. It is not uncommon for starting salaries at many culinary jobs to be in the mid-five figures and six-figure salaries are becoming more commonplace.Read More

Find an Affordable Culinary School

How to Choose an Affordable School All those who’re seeking a career in culinary industry can greatly benefit by obtaining a culinary arts degree from an affordable culinary school. In doing so, the person can be assured that degree earned will help them in getting the best job in the industry. More importantly, a studentRead More

Free Culinary School Options

Low Cost Cooking Schools [adsense] You don’t have to be a culinary school graduate to have a passion for cooking, nor do you have to be financially well off or take out loans for tuition to get free or affordable cooking classes. There are even online courses that will teach you cooking skills for free.Read More