Arizona Culinary Institute

Arizona Culinary Institute represents success, entrepreneurship and practicality. These three words represents the school and the main theme that we stand for. Success is reflected in time its takes a typical student to complete the culinary course. On average three out of every four students graduate within a year. This track record reveals Arizona Culinary institute as a institution who believes in maximizing time effort and efficiency. The school thinks entrepreneurship is quite important in the lives of prospective students. If a prospective student fall in the category of the ‘less than 10% not placed after graduation,’ he or she is equipped with enough tools and skills to create employment. Finally, we emphasize practice and practicality. Most of the teaching is actual hands-on, real kitchen experience. We stress that Theoretical experience can be derived anytime but tangible creative kitchen practice is priceless in the development of a good culinary artist.

Why Arizona Culinary Institute stands out?

  • Class size: Small class sizes of 20 students or less is not just theory but practiced. Students are able to learn better in such environments.
  • Hands on practice: This is done from the beginning of a prospective student’s stint at the Institute. If this is done towards the end of the study, all that was learnt could be jeopardized.
  • World class instructors: The institute only employ the best to maintain their track record as being one of the best culinary institute. These instructors have a passion for food and departing the knowledge they have acquired over the years. Their professional background and expertise ranks them among the best instructors in the country.
  • Facility: The institute constitute of 18,000 square foot of top of the line equipment, technologically advanced utensils and tools that allows students to always be on the cutting edge of culinary art.
  • Location: Its location in Scottsdale, Arizona provides an ambiance that facilitate a good learning experience. It strikes a delicate balance between a serene life that includes hiking and horseback riding and a exciting fast-paced experiences of casinos and night clubs.


Cost of attending

Application fee = $25
Tuition = $25,990
Program cost = $1805

Total = $27,802

Financial Aid:
Available for those who qualify.

There will be $100 non refundable fee that will be added to the tuition fee once accepted.

Arizona Culinary Institute and the Community

The institution plays their role in fighting nationwide hunger by donation 300-500 pounds of food to the less fortunate on a daily basis. This food is given to a local organization called Waste Not, who in turn distribute this food to hungry families.