Culinary Capitals of the World

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1. Paris, France

Parisian food will overwhelm you with unparalleled quality and taste.

2. Istanbul, Turkey

The combination of aromatic scents wafting out of the Spice Bazaar and the harmonic ambiance of the old streets of Sultanahmet make Istanbul an ideal place to indulge.

3. Melbourne, Australia

The thriving dining scene attracts local, interstate, and international clientele to devour what its microcosmos of restaurants, markets, and cobblestones lane way cafes have to offer.

4. Marrakech, Morocco

When food is presented as beautifully as it tastes, you have a superb meal. The Moroccans have mastered equally exquisite flavors and aesthetics.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean, Barcelonan food includes appetizing seafood dishes. Try a paella, lobster or freshly caught cod.

6. New York, USA

Offering a bewildering range of restaurants with a boisterous buzz, New York is a food mecca.

7. Kyoto, Japan

Wandering into any izakaya (a rustic Japanese pub) and asking for a regional specialty will guarantee you a mouth watering meal.

8. Cochin, India

Find a friendly family-run restaurant and discover where tradition and creativity meld in the kitchen. Tuck into a banquet of four or so dishes arranged carefully on a banana leaf.

9. Florence, Italy

Divine Tuscan cheeses and meats and sanglovese-based red wines from the outskirts of the city complete an Italian experience.

10. Bangkok, Thailand

Zipping tuk tuks and the hustle and bustle of markets, fruit stalls and food carts that never sleep, allow Bangkok to offer a vibrant 24-hour dining culture.