You Might be a Culinary School Student If…

17 Tell Tale Signs

1. You roll your eyes whenever your “foodie” friends Instagram their latest concoction

2. Because yours are so much more creative

3. Butter is your #1 cooking staple

4. And no dish is complete without bacon

5. Vegetarian is a dirty word

6. Which has made you somewhat of a food snob

7. And like every other chef, you have a half-sleeve tattoo

8. You know it’s highly unlikely, but you still dream of having your own show Food Network someday

9. You’ve called someone a “panini head” at least once

10. And you’re used to being yelled at and bullied

11. There’s only one right way to cook something – the Chef’s way

12. You’re a wiz at cooking up French cuisine

13. You use a sharp knife for everything

14. You’ve learned to repurpose take-out containers

15. And be an obsessive neat freak

16. You have no social life because, work

17. But whenever you feel like giving up, you remember why you’re here in the first place