Best Paying Culinary Jobs

Who’s Making the BIG Dough?

There is a constant need worldwide for qualified workers to fill various types of culinary jobs. Some types of culinary jobs command higher salaries than others. It is not uncommon for starting salaries at many culinary jobs to be in the mid-five figures and six-figure salaries are becoming more commonplace.

Because high paying culinary jobs are meant to be filled by skilled workers who can perform their tasks well, top-rate performance is generally expected of those who fill the jobs.

Executive Chef


Without a doubt, one of the highest paying culinary jobs that a person can have, is that of executive chef at a restaurant or other facility that serves food.

The executive chef at a food-serving establishment is usually in charge of and responsible for all food-related aspects of the business. From planning menus and scheduling kitchen staff to ordering needed supplies and overseeing food production, the executive chef at any facility must be capable of and knowledgeable about all facets of food service operations.

While the executive chef might not do lots of production line cooking, he or she is often responsible for preparing certain sauces, butchering expensive cuts of meat and preparing special meals. Maintaining portion control, monitoring waste and keeping overall food costs to a minimum are integral parts of an executive chef’s duties.

In addition to maintaining excellent culinary skills, in today’s world, an effective executive chef should be a good communicator and also posses good computer skills. The executive chef is often the ‘face’ of a facility’s kitchen and is frequently called upon to represent the culinary staff when meeting with customers and members of the public.

Sous Chef

The position of sous chef is another high-paying culinary job. The sous chef is usually second-in command in most kitchens and generally performs a wide range of duties. The sous chef in most kitchens usually does more cooking on the production line than the executive chef does. Often a liaison between the kitchen staff and management, the sous chef usually receives directions from the executive chef and delegates work among kitchen staff members.

Pastry Chef

In many commercial kitchens, the position of pastry chef is highly respected and also highly compensated. It is said that cooking is an art and baking is a science. That being said, pastry chefs are often awarded plenty of independence in the kitchen to create their confectionery treats.

Food and Beverage Manager

The position of food and beverage manager at various types of facilities usually commands a high salary. All aspects of food and beverage operations are overseen by food and beverage managers. These positions are available at schools and colleges, civic centers and convention centers, sports facilities, corporate buildings, casinos, hotels and large restaurants.

Although lots of hard work and long hours are usually required, there are many high-paying culinary jobs available in today’s workplace. Not only do these jobs offer high salaries, but they also inspire creativity and add to a sense of personal satisfaction.