Top Rated Culinary Schools

Best Cooking Schools

The multibillion-dollar food industry relies on many excellent cooks coming out of the top culinary schools. The food service education at these culinary arts schools and other colleges are there to teach these students about food preparation and the management behind it all. With going to the best schools, the students are able to find very rewarding and profitable careers that set them up for a good future.

Texas Culinary Academy


The first top school lies in Texas and is called the Texas Culinary Academy. It contains a massive 73,000 square feet of just space for its kitchen facilities and classrooms. It also has a presentation area that has been designed after the Le Cordon Bleu, which originates from London and Paris. This school has been training students to be top chefs for over 15 years and now has a brand new facility to add to it. The school is located in the city of Austin, which is know to be one of the top cities to live in the country.

Institute of Culinary Education

Another excellent school for culinary arts originates from the Big Apple, New York City. It is called the Institute of Culinary Education and offers eight to 13-month career training programs in multiple topics such as Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Pastry and Baking, and Hospitality Management. This school is know for an excellent record in job placements and is widely recognized across the country when conversing about culinary education. With it being one of the best schools, they do require students to have two years of college education or experience in the industry for them to consider the student for acceptance. Another great thing is their large hands-on recreational cooking and baking classes, which are said to be the largest within the country. Many of the alumni are also nominated and/or possibly win many of the top awards in the industry.

California Culinary Academy

The California Culinary Academy is another top school that offers one of the best culinary educations in a city that is considered to be the best for gourmet dining in the whole country. It has several city campuses that are ideal for offering education that will help you reach your goals as a top chef. The school covers everything from Culinary Arts, to Baking and Pastry Arts, to restaurant management. This Culinary Academy also just designed and built a new 100,000 square foot South Campus.

Culinary Institute at Hyde Park

The Culinary Institute at Hyde Park in the state of New York is another special school because it has numerous companies come and recruit students each year. This by itself is proof of its recognition, as it remains one of the top culinary schools. It’s main campus held at Hyde Park, is one of the oldest in America and is dedicated to give students an excellent degree in either Culinary Arts or Baking and Pastry Arts.

The best jobs nowadays require these high profile schools with good educational training and possibly work experience. These four schools are apart of the top 10 Culinary Schools in the country and are recognized all throughout the industry.