Free Culinary School Options

Low Cost Cooking Schools


You don’t have to be a culinary school graduate to have a passion for cooking, nor do you have to be financially well off or take out loans for tuition to get free or affordable cooking classes. There are even online courses that will teach you cooking skills for free. Not all chefs can afford the costly price tag that comes along with attending a culinary school, lucky for those use still have the passion to cook and just not the means to attend to attend one of those pricey intuitions, there are other options that are available to them where they can still get quality learning. is the Culinary Institute of America. Being a center for online learning, they offer free E-Learning courses, such as A Taste of Wine, through their online university. Applicants can register and then receive training, take tests, communicate with other online students, and even receive certification once the course is completed. Students can study at their own time, from anywhere they have access to a computer, so they can point-n-click their way through class on their web browser. These online culinary classes are completely free and absolutely nothing is at a cost to you. In addition to their free online courses, they also offer a variety of affordable culinary courses that applicants can enroll in as well.

America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

While not free, though quite affordable, America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School offers hundreds of hours of cooking lessons that explore a variety of culinary topics such as steaming and braising in addition to videos and quizzes to go along with those lessons. Students are also able to “cook along” to a detailed video that’s ran in real time. Lessons are taught in shorter, easier-to-understand modules while offering lessons on healthy cooking and baking. The program cost $19.95 for a monthly subscription. For an additional $20, students can send in images of their finished dishes and ask any questions they may have to the instructors who will respond with any critiques and answers that can help the student’s learning.

California Culinary Academy

For those who can afford about $20,000 in tuition, the California Culinary Academy program, affiliated with Le Cordon Bleu, offers certification in culinary arts. Which is one of the cheapest culinary schools that students can attend in comparison to others with have a far higher price tag. The course lasts for 12 months and comes with externships in the field as well as the potential opportunity to be employed at the on-site restaurant. For those who can afford a bit more, but still cheaper than other schools, students can get an associates degree for $36,200.

With such great options as the ones mentioned above, there’s no reason that someone who doesn’t have a large bank account can’t further their education in culinary arts and learn more essential skills when it comes to cooking. Through online courses and programs to relatively cheaper culinary schools, the option is still there for those who desire it.